Group Workshops for SEM Cohort

SEM Cohort - Introduction to SEM

Workshop 1 introduces the concept of SEM and offers practical guidance for participants taking steps toward establishing an SEM program in their organization. For most participants, SEM, and continuous improvement in general, will be new. This workshop is an opportunity to generate buy-in, explain the high-level method of implementation, and begin laying the foundational pieces of an SEM program. At this workshop, participants will begin to build their energy team as well as establish their goals for SEM.

<Need to summarize the content from Workshop 5 that will be presented; this includes tracking and visibility as drivers of a successful SEM program.>


4-6 weeks in advance - request data from customers: 

  1. electric monthly billing histories (spreadsheet format) for 2 years (minimum)
  2. gas monthly billing histories (spreadsheet format) for 2 years (minimum)
  3. electric interval data for main meters for 2 years
  4. gas interval data (daily gas) for main meters for 2 years
  5. customer rebate history
  6. copies of previous reports/studies completed
  7. background form completed
  8. daily production key volume indicators for 2 years (if available) for same time period as items 3 & 4
  9. plant floor plan
  10. plant area square footage
  11. plant operating schedule
  12. simple process flow diagram
  13. major equipment lists (spreadsheet) - motor lists, equipment schedules, drawings)
  14. P&ID - system flow and configuration diagrams for major utilities
  15. trended data from monitoring systems/historians/EMS (electronic format)

Send data to Graphet two weeks before workshop.